Friday, March 26, 2010

CVN Chair Recruitment

Below is our most recent email--please let us know any feedback. Also, if you aren't getting these in your inbox, sign up on the County site (be sure to check the box that you're interested in CVN and in receiving emails):
Dear CVN volunteer, 

The basics: We're looking for a new Chair for the Community Volunteer Network (CVN). Brendan O'Connor will be finishing his time as Chair between May 1st and May 15th, though a new Chair could come on somewhat later if necessary. 

Qualifications: We are looking for someone who buys into the larger goal behind CVN of building a community of civic-minded 20-30 somethings in Arlington that are engaged with the community through service and other means. Though all candidates will be considered, it could help your chances if you've been involved with CVN for a year or more and if you are interested in the current direction of CVN--this includes our recent expansion into a committee structure, our development of a Recurring Volunteering Committee and related set of events, our development of a Communications Committee and blog, and other recent initiatives. However, candidates should also have a strong work ethic, an innovative spirit, and a readiness to offer new ideas to develop initiatives and improve how CVN's goals are met. Experience in leadership roles and volunteering are important qualifications as well. More generally, take a look at this basic overview of leadership qualities to get a sense of some other important qualities we'll be looking for, including characteristics like integrity, assertiveness and a sense of humor. 

Where is CVN headed and how does it work? The CVN Leadership Team (LT) meets once monthly and each of the four other members--Communications Chair, Monthly Volunteering Chair, Recurring Volunteering Chair, and Social Chair--oversee a committee of two to six additional volunteers. CVN hosts one to three one-time volunteer events a month, and we are in the process of growing from two recurring volunteer events to three or four. We also focus on creating a community around service, as noted above--this involves connecting folks socially through our monthly happy hours and other social initiatives, along with getting them involved in the larger Arlington community through community education and other opportunities, such as the Committee of 100. 

Position details: The Chair position currently requires between 5-10 hours a week on average, though this may average closer to five as our new committee structure further develops and more folks get involved. In addition to the goals and duties below, this has involved overseeing, encouraging and collaborating with our four-person LT, as well as with Volunteer Arlington's County Liaison. The goals and duties below may change as our LT structure further solidifies, but the following constitute the primary thrust of the position:
  • Primary
    • Help ensure CVN's goals (volunteering, social and communications, etc.) are met, complimenting one another, and supporting the larger goal of building a community of civic-minded 20-30 somethings in Arlington that are engaged with the community through service and other means
    • Help ensure CVN is as sustainable as possible with clear, efficient processes, duties, and other helpful information developed and recorded as needed, allowing new leaders to more easily come in, become acclimated, and fulfill their duties
    • Help coordinate various CVN and Leadership Team (LT) efforts
    • Help LT consider, decide on and execute new initiatives as appropriate
    • Motivate and support LT
    • Maintain good working relationship with Arlington County
  • Secondary
    • Foster connections with outside groups
    • Represent CVN as needed
  • Plan agenda and chair leadership meetings, in collaboration with Volunteer Arlington County Liaison 
  • Write monthly email
  • Facilitate discussion about new initiatives and help see them through, working to have cohesive and actionable goals for team
  • Meet with LT or individual leaders to plan events/initiatives, being familiar to some extent with all activities, and, as much as possible, involved in activities
  • Synthesize all CVN activities and ideas, following-up with leaders to make sure we all stay coordinated and on task, delegating as needed
  • Coordinate calendar of events and meetings, sending out invites, etc.
  • Coordinate Google Docs folders and documents, ensuring that efficient processes, duties, and other helpful information are recorded to support above sustainability goal
  • Attend and introduce some events, share vision of CVN as appropriate
  • Attend meetings of community groups at times, with other LT members when possible
  • Attend Committee of 100 when able
  • Catch-all as necessary for other duties
Related documents: Please see any of the following to get a sense of the overall goals and duties of the other Chairs and their Committees (note that these are still working drafts, as two of these positions and all committees were started in the end of 2009 and are still developing on some level). Click any of the following to see the goal/duty description for that Chair position and Committee (including non-voting County Liaison position, though that doesn't involve a committee): Communications; Monthly Volunteering; Recurring Volunteering; Social; County Liaison. 

Interested? Go here to fill out a few questions and to submit your name for consideration.  Please fill out the interest survey by Wednesday April 7, 2010.  If you have questions about the position or the form, please contact Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom, County Liaison, Community Volunteer Network at or (703) 228-1197. 

Decisions: Decisions will be made by reaching consensus among all those on the LT. The LT reserves the right to go without a Chair as needed if they do not feel that any applicants are the right fit.

Thank you for your consideration,

The CVN Leadership Team

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