Sunday, March 28, 2010

Volunteering in Action

Check out the videos and pictures below to get a straightforward look at what CVN's up to in terms of volunteering. Within both you'll see monthly, one-time events, as well as recurring volunteering events--we think both are important, as an ongoing opportunity works for some volunteers, while one-time opportunities work better for others.

Use the arrows on either side of this video player to see some actual CVN volunteer events in action, and check out the list of past and upcoming events here:

This will be an ongoing series, so keep coming back, and even send us videos of your own if you can!

If interested in more information on CVN's one-time, monthly volunteering, contact our Monthly Volunteering Chair, Kellen MacBeth at And recurring volunteering? Contact Meredith Meade, Recurring Volunteering Chair, at

For more of an idea of what we get into with volunteering, check out the below shots of CVNers over the years volunteering in Arlington:

See more CVN pictures at and videos at

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