Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Volunteer's Perspective: Family Ice Skate Night

On a warm and breezy March day CVN members gathered at Kettler Iceplex to work with Therapeutic Recreation for their family fun night…on ice!  After a quick sign-in we were briefed by April who gave us numerous pointers on how to assist fledgling skaters and the different jobs we could undertake on and off the ice.  We were reminded that tying tight laces was particularly important as it’s quite tricky to learn to skate on a loose foundation…so true!  The skill levels of volunteers and participants varied on the ice, which made for an excellent learning environment.  Some were hesitant, others charged ahead, but most importantly fun was had by all - and we never required the use of the med kit!  Huzzah!  CVN members were literally cheered as we bid goodbye to our event hosts.  Afterwards we nabbed a few photos with the nearby hockey player cut-outs and headed to Rock Bottom for a swell social outing to round off the night.  Final verdict:  icetastic!

-- Dan Bronson

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