Monday, January 7, 2013

1,000 hours success!!!

Hey CVNers,

The leadership team has been busy confirming all the volunteer hours you guys put in during 2012 and while we don't have an official final total yet we can say for sure that we have made the 1,000 hour goal we set at the start of the year!!!  2012 will easily have the most hours CVN has ever volunteered for in a year, and we all had a hand in it.  I want to thank everyone in CVN, but I'd like to specifically call out John Lindeman and Garry Knobler for working on the leadership team and helping get all of these events set up and staffed and to Dan Bronson for making all the great thermometer graphics I've been using in my posts.  I'm so proud of CVN, but I also hope that this is just the beginning and that 2013 is even bigger and better.

Speaking of 2013, CVN is getting another upgrade with Ori Weisz taking over as our Interim Communications Chair.  This will be my final blog post, but don't worry I'll still and make it out to as many volunteer events as I can.  Thanks to everyone who stepped up to make 2012 so great.  I think if nothing else meeting this thousand hour goal shows that if people decide to do something,  put their minds to it, and track it every month or so they really can make it happen.  So what are you going to put your mind to in 2013?  Maybe you want to come up with a great new volunteering event?  Maybe you want to lead an existing event?  Maybe you want to attend an event every month in the next year?  Whatever your volunteering goal for 2013 is, the first step is to decide on it, then keep checking in and make it happen!

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  1. Yay! Congratulations on 1000 hrs! I must of missed the last December event that put us over the top! Whoo-hoo!