Friday, June 26, 2009

The CVN Logo Contest

Below is our most recent email--please let us know any feedback. Also, if you aren't getting these in your inbox, sign up on the County site (be sure to check the box that you're interested in CVN and in receiving emails):
Dear CVN volunteer,

We are pleased to announce that the CVN logo contest is now under way. Thank you to everyone for all your great submissions.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind before you vote:

1. Vote only for your top three logos.
2. Keep the voting clean and honest by only voting once and picking what you really like.
3. Know that we may have to alter the final logo around a bit in terms of size and color to fit our purposes, so make your decision on the overall look and feel of the logo.
4. Go vote! Here's the link:
5. Lastly, the vote closes July 1st, so get to it.

Remember, we'll be unveiling the winner at CVN's Annual Summer Celebration / Five-Year Anniversary on July 20th--RSVP here on Facebook for that, or RSVP to Meredith Clayton, our Social Chair, if you don't use Facebook.

Look for another update next week with upcoming volunteer events and other happenings around town.

Have a good weekend,

Jon Bunger
Membership Chair, Community Volunteer Network

PS - We hope to see you out for our community education event, DiscussArlington--it's a discussion with Fresh AIRE about local issues with the environment and what individuals can do to be conscious of those issues in their own life. It's in two days at the Arlington Central Library. RSVP here on Facebook, or RSVP by email to Tim Riley, our Community Education Chair.

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