Thursday, December 18, 2008

CVN Monthly Update, Dec. 2008: From CRM to CVN

Below is our most recent email--please let us know any feedback. Also, if you aren't getting these in your inbox, sign up on the County site (be sure to check the box that you're interested in CVN and in receiving emails):
Dear CVN Volunteer,

When our volunteer organization was first named Community Role Models back in 2005, we were still figuring out what exactly we wanted to be. Were we a mentoring organization? A volunteer organization? That year, we hosted just a handful of volunteer activities with only a few hundred people signed up.

Today, we host dozens of volunteer projects and social events a year with over 1,600 people signed up. Thousands more get our updates through the What's Up Arlington newsletter. While we connect our members to mentoring organizations, we've evolved into a social network of young volunteers who get together for recurring activities, one-time events, and monthly meetups.

So it's time for our name to evolve along with our organization. With the New Year, we'll have a new name – the Community Volunteer Network. We're just changing what we call ourselves, not what we do.  We look forward to more great events and opportunities from CVN in 2009!

If you're heading home for the holidays, we wish you safe travels; if you're staying in town, here's a list of what's open and what's closed.
 A few other quick Arlington updates:
If you have any ideas for volunteer projects in 2009, please contact us! Looking forward to seeing you on January 6th at the Monthly Meetup at Busboys & Poets in Shirlington.

Miles Grant
Chair, Community Volunteer Network

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  1. Cool to see some of the history