Friday, April 9, 2010

Why Your Service Is Powerful

As 20- and 30-somethings in Arlington, it can often be hard to feel like our contributions made through service are significant...especially in a day where a lot of glory is placed on the power of the checkbook.  Certainly, giving what we can in monetary donations is great - but what I'm talking about is a different kind of donation, that of time.

Did you know that the national average for the dollar equivalent of one hour of volunteer service is over $20? Say, for example, that you sign up for CVN's recurring service at AFAC (on the 24th, if you're interested!). That's two hours a pop at $20.25!  It's easy to see how those numbers add up.

I hope that this little number game motivates you to serve and serve often.  We have so much to give as the younger crowd in Arlington and our community's nonprofits need our help! Even with all the money in the world, the impact of service is incredibly powerful and necessary.


Lauren House
Marketing Lead, Communications Committee
Community Volunteer Network (CVN)

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  1. Hi Lauren, Thanks for posting this thought-provoking post. I would challenge us to think about other ways to measure the value of volunteer service. A nonprofit gets more than $20.25 when you volunteer. They get your unique set of talents, ideas, and community awareness. The best volunteer opportunities draw on all of that and are unique in that they are only successful if taken on by community volunteers, not by paid staff.