Friday, June 4, 2010

Community Spotlight: Phoenix Bikes

Looking for some exercise and a chance to be part of a great community event?  County Board Member, Walter Tejada is inviting us to join him tomorrow morning for a community bike ride around Arlington.

From Walter Tejada:

I wanted to make sure that all members and supporters of the Community Volunteer Network (CVN), and other groups, who may be interested, were invited to the First Annual Kennan Garvey Community Bike Ride in Arlington this Saturday, June 5.  County Board Member Chris Zimmerman and I, who are co-leading this community bike ride, wanted to make sure you were officially invited.  The Honorable Libby Garvey, School Board Member, was also scheduled to join us.  This is a no-frills, Arlington community bike ride named in honor of Ms. Garvey’s husband who passed away not long ago.  He was a bicyclist enthusiast, Phoenix Bikes supporter and a great Arlington role model volunteer.  

We are trying to revive our very own Arlington community bike ride so for this first one there is no fee and everyone is welcome.  All persons participating will be required to wear a helmet though... if you get there early enough please know that the Phoenix Bikes Shop will be open so you can top off your tires, lube your chain and get ready.  They’ll have water to fill your water bottles but we are not responsible if you are tempted to, and eventually give into, eating some of the donuts they say they’ll have available…

So please help us get the word out and hope that as many members of CVN are able to join us.  Please also share this invite with everyone who may be interested.  Thanks and maybe we’ll see you on Saturday!

The Honorable J. Walter Tejada

Details From Phoenix Bikes:
You are invited to join the youth, volunteers and staff of Phoenix Bikes for the first annual Kennan Garvey Community Bike Ride!
On Saturday, June 5, 2010, join us for a bike ride starting from the Phoenix Bikes bike shop at 10am.
There will be two ride options:
  • A 15.7 mile loop, all within Arlington, showcasing some of the many wonderful bike paths that Arlington has to offer! Including Four Mile Run, Mt. Vernon Trail, Custis Trail, and the W&OD Railroad trail, this loop around Arlington is a great ride that will start and end at Phoenix Bikes. This ride will be led by cyclists and Arlington County Board Members Walter Tejada and Chris Zimmerman! Route map is available here.
  • Team Phoenix youth, accompanied by Phoenix Bikes staff members Edoardo and Jesse, will be leading a WABA-sponsored convoy to the Meet The Met celebration of a newly completed section of the Metro Branch Trail system in DC! This will be an out/back ride, and will be both longer in total mileage and duration. Plus, once we arrive at the celebration, we will have a chance to hang out and participate in all the wonderful events going on at the Meet The Met celebration! Route maps are available here, and if you are interested in this ride, please sign up here!
  • All rides will be leaving by 10am, so please plan to arrive by 9:30am. The Phoenix Bikes shop will be open so that you can top off your tires, lube your chain and get ready (we'll also have water for your water bottles and donuts for your bellies!). This ride is free and open to anyone, though helmets are required!

Do you want to know more about Phoenix Bikes?  Check out this video from AVN.

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