Friday, June 18, 2010

Five Reasons to Get out and Garden with CVN

What makes volunteering with the school garden crew at Arlington Traditional School so much fun? Besides the draws of working outdoors and giving back to the community, there are many more reasons to come check it out. Read on for five of the best reasons you may not have known about.

1. See your new friends more than once. We’ve all been to CVN events where we meet cool people, but then don’t get a chance to hang out with them again. Since the ATS garden crew meets twice a month for work days, you’ll be more than Facebook friends!

2. Get your hands on a pick axe. Want to wield more than a mouse? We’ve got you covered. The garden crew gets the chance to use lots of fun tools—from pick axes for piercing those layers of clay and gravel, to 6-foot pry bars for levering out plant roots. You’ll be glad you got out of that desk chair.

3. Learn soccer skills from a 10 year old. Garden work days aren’t all about plants and soil. Regular volunteer Dan took a break from digging and weeding to challenge ATS 4th grader Maya to a soccer shootout and found out that scoring 100 points against a 10 year old isn’t as easy as it sounds.

4. Watch your work bloom. The Japanese quince bush that we dug up and replanted on our first work day in March is thriving in its new home near the school’s entrance. The bush’s bright salmon-colored flowers regularly remind us of the positive impact we’re having at ATS.

5. Eat (and drink) local. Monthly social gatherings keep garden volunteers connected and offer opportunities to gab and grub it up. This month we’re meeting at Willow on June 25 to sip Virginia wine  and sample small plates created with local food. Perfect for a summer evening!

To learn more, contact event lead Brynn Slate at View photos from our latest work day. Or just come on out to our next work days: June 19 from 9-11 a.m. and June 27 from 2-4 p.m.
Read more about the ATS garden.

See you soon! 

Brynn Slate
Recurring Volunteer Committee
Community Volunteer Network (CVN)


  1. The garden and everything else this group does sounds so fun, Brynn! Thanks for sharing what it's all about! I hope to come out for a future work day.

  2. That would be great, Tiffany! I am excited about what an awesome group we have. Dan took pictures from our work day on Saturday and I couldn't wait to share them :-)