Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Emergency Preparedness - Everyone Has a Role

Everyone knows that the key to surviving any disaster or emergency is being adequately prepared. Whether the emergency is a house fire, car accident, flood, or terrorist attack, the same general principles of preparedness apply. During National Preparedness Month (September), it’s important for every Arlingtonian to take a second look at his or her level of preparedness in order to know what types of emergencies or disasters he or she is likely to face and be prepared to face them.

On September 25, CVN volunteers will have an opportunity to assist Arlington County prepare for a disaster by assessing its capacity to manage spontaneous volunteers in the aftermath of a major incident. By acting as these spontaneous volunteers during a simulated volunteer screening and processing, CVNers will be able to help ensure that our own community is prepared to face the next disaster. Volunteer Arlington is partnering with the Medical Reserve Corps for this exercise and the lessons learned will help the county prepare to respond to a host of other emergency scenarios. Local governments across Northern Virginia will be hosting similar exercises.

Just as every individual and family should take this month to examine their own level of preparedness by reviewing fire evacuation plans, restocking emergency supply kits, testing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, to name a few, across the country, government at all levels are doing the same to ensure that their constituents will be safe when the next disaster or emergency strikes. Any opportunity for you to contribute your time or talents to make your community safer and more prepared, is worthwhile. I hope you will join me on September 25th to make Arlington safer. See you there!

For more information about the Arlington County’s upcoming emergency exercise please contact or sign up at

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