Monday, September 13, 2010

Committee of 100 Monthly Meetings Are Back!

After a long summer break, Committee of 100 will resume its monthly meetings starting Wednesday, September 15.
You may or may not have heard of Committee of 100, so here's some brief information about what they do. As stated on their website:
The Committee of 100 has been Arlington's principal forum for citizen education in local and regional public affairs since its founding in 1954. The monthly dinner meetings provide an educational setting in which issues of local, regional, and state interest are discussed in an atmosphere that permits communication to replace conflict.
Indeed, Committee of 100 is one of few open forums in Arlington that provide a venue for education and discussion about a wide range of topics concerning those who live and work in Arlington. Past topics include the County's education system, Metro, community diversity dialogue, and trends affecting teenagers.

The members are long-time Arlingtonians and who genuinely care about the Arlington community as a whole. It is also important to point out that the speakers coming to their meetings are definitely leaders in the civil, political, and business community. I found myself sitting next to State Delegate Bob Brink one time! At the upcoming meeting, we will have Jay Fisette, the County Board Chairman, and Brian Coulter, chief development officer for JBG Corporation, as featured speakers. Aside from a great learning experience, the opportunity to get to network with these business and political leaders is a huge plus as well.

Like many others, the first time I attended a Committee of 100 meeting was because I was invited by someone else who was already familiar the group. Since then, I have attended several of their meetings. Each time I have either learned something interesting or made a good personal connection. So come join us at the next Committee of 100 meeting, and you might find it to be a valuable experience!

Details of each meeting are posted on CVN's
Facebook page. If you are part of the CVN Facebook group, you will also get an email inviting you to the meeting.

Hope to see you on September 15th!

Sara Abramson

CVN's Committee of 100 Liaison


  1. I went to the Committee of 100 event in May that focused on community activism among Arlington's Latino community--great topic and interesting speakers! I'm looking forward to hearing about the energy plan at this Wednesday's meeting (unfortunately I can't do dinner, but I'll be there for the presentation). Hope lots of CVNers can make it out!

  2. Good to hear Brynn! Get those burning questions ready!