Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Volunteer Profile: Ibidun Osundare

Ibidun showing kids at AHC the sign for "flirt"
This post is one in a series on CVN volunteers. We've asked volunteers questions about volunteering to give you a sense of why people choose to volunteer with CVN, and to get to know some of our AWESOME volunteers. If you'd like to be highlighted, e-mail us at cvn.bloggers@gmail.com.

 Ibidun Osundare
Position with CVN: 

When did you start volunteering with CVN?
 My first time volunteering with CVN was as a teacher at the AHC location this Summer, in June or July.  I love to teach kids, and help them in learning more ASL (American Sign Language).

Ibidun volunteering at the APAH Picnic with CVN this Summer

Why do you think it's important to volunteer?
 I just moved to VA six months ago.  I obey to God first, I feel God encouraged me to find Arlington Volunteer office, where I started volunteering. I started to search on the Volunteer Arlington website because I was involved with with another volunteer from Gallaudet University in volunteer activities with homeless people,  food the people eat,  cleaning up the large farms and animal shelters and more. I learn a lot about teach kids to be bilingual (both in speaking English and being able to sign).  I feel it is very important. My goal is to become a volunteer with high school students and college students.Though a community is made up of MANY needs, what causes are you most drawn to volunteer with? As I have mentioned, I enjoy teaching kids, especially teaching them sign language.  I realized that some kids can be distracted.  They seem confused to set my signer so clear. I try to keep them engaged by using my facial expression to show joy and happiness and quick movement.  This keeps the kids paying attention, so they can learn to sign as well.  I don't want to them getting bored!  I want to show them something new to make difference.  I went to the library for books and DVDs to use as resources.  Wow!  Kids like to watch the ASL DVDs a lot.  They always love me a lot. I expect that they will improve the communication with ASL when they grow up and be able to communicate with deaf people in their communities.

What's the name and website of an organization or non-profit you'd like others to know about, and in a sentence, what do they do?
 I am involved with different locations related to AHC.  I teach with them as opportunities to demonstrate sign language pop up.  AHC manages several different affordable apartments throughout Arlington. 

What will be your most memorable time volunteering?  
I will write a scrapbook on my most memorable moment, volunteering with ASL, because I want to teach students in West Africa.  I am in touch with several African teachers who want to create a new building of art and African-American Sign Language several summers from now.  ASL education in Africa took off after Andrew Foster brought schools there in 1980.  He was great in creating a boom in children learning sign language; it has greatly improved their educations. 
Andrew Foster has been called the Father of Africa, I hope to be the Mother of Africa by bringing greater communication equality there as well.  I have already volunteered to teach ASL with them and help create more access to communication.  


  1. You remind me of a women in West Africa who used to collect swimming babies when ever there were flash floods. Great to know there are more people like you!

    Keep it up!

  2. It's shocking to know that there are swimming babies in West Africa - the concept is terrifying.