Thursday, March 10, 2011

Volunteer Profile: Kim Lamon-Loperfido

Editor's Note: This post is the part of a series on CVN volunteers. We've asked volunteers questions to give you a sense of why people choose to help out with CVN and to get to know some of our AWESOME volunteers. If you'd like to be highlighted, e-mail us at

Name of volunteer: Kim Lamon-Loperfido

Position with CVN: Social Chair

Hometown, State and/or country: Born in UK, lived in Iowa City, IA before moving to Arlington

What first drew you to CVN? I had been involved in volunteer opportunities in Iowa City/University of Iowa for 5 years, they had a similar program... the 10,000 hours show- where you volunteered 10 hours through-out the school year and you would receive a free concert ticket in the spring... It was a great way to get to know other folks who were passionate about their community and a great way to know what was happening in the town we live in...

Why do you think it's important to volunteer? Many non-profits rely on volunteers to fulfil their missions... they simply could not afford to reach everyone with paid staff... I think that for our communities to be rich vibrant and engaging we need to be involved ... volunteering is a great way to meet people, know what is going on, and make a difference in our community - start local, think global

How do you balance volunteering with work, etc.? I guess for me, the 1 time volunteer opportunities are a great way to balance what is a busy week, with what time i have available..

Though a community is made up of MANY needs, what three causes are you most drawn to volunteer with? I am drawn to youth development, environmental causes and public health

What's the name and website of an organization or non-profit you'd like others to know about, and in a sentence, what do they do? I worked here in Iowa City as a health educator, they really have a comprehensive array of services to target the many needs of youth and families as they work towards an empowered future... Locally- Whitman Walker Clinic and The DC Center's HIV Working Group are great health related groups to become involved at a grassroots level.. and in Arlington~ the Animal Welfare League of Arlington ~ you need to be trained before you can work with the animals.. but totally worth it~!

Throughout your life, what was the most memorable time you volunteered and why? I think my time volunteering with the Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center is overall very memorable~ I'm a sucker for cute and cuddly animals...and doing mobile outreach events allows the community to interact with the adoptable animals ... you see adults, community leaders reduced to children when they interact with a puppy... it was always a great equalizer.

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