Sunday, May 1, 2011

Arlington Community Foundation's Platinum Ball

CVN returned this year to help out at the Arlington Community Foundation’s 20th Annual Platinum Ball at the Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel. Our volunteers took care of registration, greeting attendees, gift presentation, collecting donations and most importantly, selling raffle tickets (the main source of fundraising at the April 16th event). The Oscar-themed night not only included dancing and dinner, but was also a chance for foundation members to catch up and meet new members. They even created their own Arlington-themed thank you video in which the members sang their version of Nat King Cole’s song “L-O-V-E.”

The Arlington Community Foundation (ACF) was formed after the city of San Francisco pulled together to provide support for the city after a 1989 earthquake. ACF Founder William T. Newman, Jr. was inspired by San Francisco to reach out to his Arlington neighborhood and create the Foundation. Over the years, ACF has expanded to provide youth and senior citizen development, scholarship and education funding, and community enhancement programs.

A special thanks to Kellen MacBeth, our CVN team leader for this event. “I was impressed with the way Kellen made schedules beforehand that assigned each volunteer to different tasks throughout the event,” said Michael Manning, a CVN volunteer. “We were productive the whole time.“

After developing a positive working relationship with the organization, Kellen was able to facilitate an organized and fulfilling service event. Thanks Kellen and thanks to all of our volunteers for their hard work!

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