Monday, September 24, 2012

1,000 Hour Goal Needs Your Help!

Hey CVNers,

You've probably noticed these 1,000 hour posts all year long.  We had a great start, but the summer doldrums hit and suddenly it looks like we could miss our mark.  I don't want that to happen, and I'm sure you guys don't either.  We need a little over 300 hours and there are 3 months remaining.  I know that we can put together over 100 hours a month, but we gotta get our butts out there and do it!

Take a click over to the CVN calendar and find an event that sounds good to you.  There are a lot of cool events coming up, gardening Claremont Elementary, and Arlington Traditional School, collecting native seeds with ACE to help restore native plants across the state, and a super cool vegetable gleaning with AFAC where you get to help ensure that food goes to those in need instead of being wasted.  Think about which event is right for you and sign up, then go recruit a friend or two to come with you to really help out.

Looking for something that will get less dirt under your fingernails?  Shoot an email to me at cvn.communications AT gmail DOT com and suggest your own event.  CVN is an organization built by and for it's members, it's all of us who make it what it is.  So get up off your couch and let's all work to make Arlington a better place!

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