Saturday, December 1, 2012

1,000 Hours: 44 to go!

Hey CVNers,

With a very strong November are now at 956 volunteer hours for the year.  We're sooooo close to the 1,000 hour goal for 2012 but yet it remains elusive.  Right now the only CVN events we have for December are Invasive Plant Removal on December 9 and Project Christmas Angel on December 13.  These are both great events, but even if we fill both of them up it's only volunteer 41 hours, leaving us tantalizingly close to 1,000 but not quite at the mark.  Make no mistake, a 997 hour year would still be a record for CVN and an outstanding accomplishment for all of you, but don't you just like the idea of breaking into 4 digits?

So, if we want to pass 1,000 hours in 2012 the only way to do it is to squeeze one more event into December.  I know lots of people are out of town for Christmas (including me) but if anyone has any idea for an event the last weekend of December I'll be back in town and available to help lead it.  Send an email to with your thoughts.  What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a volunteer event.  We can make this 1,000 hour goal a reality, but we need everyone's help to do it!

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