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CVN Monthly Update, May 2010: Taste of Arlington and Northside Social

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Dear CVN volunteer,

Before getting into the upcoming events, I want to mention I've had a good run with CVN and will hang it up in the next couple weeks (look for a new Chair announcement soon!). I really do take much from my almost-three years with CVN in general, and the last year-and-a-half or so as Chair specifically. I will forever feel now that the acts of volunteering and having a social community are not mutually exclusive--even though CVN has not attained a perfect balance of the two, it has shown me how possible and important the goal is. I'd also encourage anyone reading to seriously consider leadership opportunities that come your way, with CVN or otherwise--I had not had tons of leadership experience before coming on as Chair, but feel strongly that: one, we as a society need more leaders and two, it stretches you like nothing else, and in crucial ways.

In other news:

Upcoming CVN volunteer events

  • American Heart Association (AHA) Silent Auction - Sat, May 8, 6pm – 10pm | There are a few volunteer options, but we'll mainly be helping with the silent auction. This event, known as "Heart’s Delight," is a three-day celebration of food, wine and camaraderie. Over the past 10 years, it has raised over $8 million for the fight against heart disease and stroke. Many thanks to CVN Committee Lead Cheryl Hackley for getting this one together! Find out more, RSVP:
  • AFAC Letter Carriers Food Drive - Sun, May 9, 2:30pm – 5:30pm | We'll volunteer for this Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) annual drive by sorting food for distribution to families who depend on it. Volunteers my have to stand for 3 hours and lift around 30 pounds. On May 8th, letter carriers will pick up food from homes throughout Arlington. Find out more, RSVP:
  • Taste of Arlington - Sun, May 16, 12:15pm – 4:30pm (2 shifts) | Taste of Arlington allows Arlingtonians to sample food and drink from restaurants around Arlington--AND all the money goes to local causes (Arlington Community Foundation and Virginia Hospital Center this year). CVN will distribute wine and beer, so volunteers must be 21 or older and should be ready to stand for several hours (you'll also be provided with free Taste of Arlington t-shirts and four tickets--each equals one taste at a restaurant!). Find out more, RSVP: 
  • Borromeo House Painting - Sat, May 22, 10am - 2pm | Volunteers will be painting apartments owned by Borromeo Housing, a charity that sponsors residential housing for homeless adolescent mothers and their children. The event will be in N. Arlington at one of Borromeo's housing facilities, and Borromeo will provide all needed materials, as well as snacks. Metro/carpooling options will be available as well. Up to eight volunteers are needed. Thanks to CVN Committee Lead Ben Wheeler for organizing this one. Find out more, RSVP:
  • Recurring Volunteering @ ATS Community Garden - Sun, May 23, 2pm - 4pm | This CVN recurring event focuses on helping maintain and improve the schoolyard garden at Arlington Traditional School. You’ll enjoy an active afternoon and a fun, dynamic group interested in small-space gardening, local food, and environmental ed. If you haven’t attended before, contact Brynn Slate to get details (and see the picnic/informational below). Find out more, RSVP:

Upcoming CVN social and community events
  • CVN Kicks Grass First Game & Rhodeside After - Thu, April 29, 7:15pm – 9:45pm | Come cheer on CVN's new kickball team, "CVN Kicks Grass," as they kick off the season with their opening game. You can also join us and the rest of the Arlington WAKA league after for a drink in the basement of Rhodeside Grill in Courthouse. Find out more here or email Kelly Corbally, CVN Social Chair, at
  • Picnic and Info. on CVN Community Garden Group - Sun, May 9, 5pm | Come learn about the CVN recurring volunteering with Arlington Traditional School's community garden. Contact Brynn Slate for more details.
  • May Monthly Meetup @ Northside Social - Tue, May 11, 7pm – 9pm | Join CVN to learn more about our upcoming events, mingle with other like-minded individuals, and to meet CVN's new Chair! Whether you've never been to an event or are a regular, we'd love to have you.  Northside Social is Claredon's newest wine and coffee bar housed in the old Murky Coffee building. Come meet us upstairs! Find out more, RSVP:
  • Dinner and Discussion w/CVN @ the Committee of 100 - Wed, May 12, 7-8 dinner, 8-9:30 program | Join the Committee of 100 for dinner and a discussion on "Community Organizing Meets Civic Engagement: From Advocacy to Action." What is this "Committee of 100" you ask? Check out recent videos of CVN at the Committee of 100 and contact our Comm. of 100 Lead Sara Abramson for questions. Find out more, RSVP:
Other local opps:
  • Wendell Berry on Food, etc. - Tue, May 4, 7pm – 9pm | In a rare public appearance, literary legend, essayist, poet and Kentucky farmer Wendell Berry visits Arlington Central Library to discuss his life’s work and vision of people reconnecting with the soil. It's Berry who declared “eating is an agricultural act,” inspiring today’s movement toward safer, healthier, locally produced meals and sustainablility. More info here.
  • Neighborhood Day - Sat, May 15, all day l An annual tradition in Arlington, there will be events all over the County celebrating Arlington diverse neighborhoods. Find out more here.
  • Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge - Check out two Arlingtonians, sort of like you perhaps, going head to head in the Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge. Ross and Todd are giving up their cars for 30 days and you can see video, read the blog, or follow them on twitter, all here (then see the item below).
  • Bike to Work Day 2010 - Fri, May 21, all day | You bike to work? Interested in trying? Pre-register for a free t-shirt and bike raffle, then hit up one of the pit stops in Ballston, Crystal City, Rosslyn, or other spots. There'll be free food, drinks and more. Register and learn more here.
  • Other Volunteering Opps - Find some other volunteering opportunities you might be interested in here.

If you want to get reminders about CVN events and information about other volunteer opportunities on evenings and weekends, follow Sharon, our County Liaison, on Twitter @CVNLiaison
Again, it's been a great year and a half or so doing this Chair thing, and I'll look forward to watching CVN continue to progress over the years!


Brendan O'Connor
Community Volunteer Network (CVN)

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