Friday, April 16, 2010

Recognizing CVN Volunteers During National Volunteer Week

Sunday kicks off National Volunteer Week, Celebrating People in Action.  Community Volunteer Network (CVN) will be celebrating a specific person who has been very active for the last year.  Brendan O'Connor, the Chair of CVN, is being recognized on Sunday with an Arlington County Outstanding Volunteer Award.  Brendan earned this award through his dedication, leadership, and innovation.

CVN runs smoothly because of hard-working volunteer leaders like Brendan, but it is the large number of active volunteers that make CVN such a success.  Last year, 177 people engaged in service through CVN.  Through your energy and enthusiasm, we are able to have a major impact on the Arlington community, and show that Arlington County's fastest growing part of the population (the 20/30 somethings) are also some of the most committed to building community.  Thank you for your service.

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  1. thanks Sharon, cool of you to put this up!

    and I second your point on the import of our active volunteers to everything CVN does. like any community, it really wouldn't be a community at all if it was just a few people getting involved and doing things--many hands make a light load.